Markus Feulner defended his doctoral thesis

Markus Feulner defended his doctoral thesis


Picture from left to right: Prof.Dittler, Prof. Moos, Dr. Feulner, Prof. Brüggemann,and Prof. Bakran

Soot Detection in Diesel Exhausts


Markus Feulner defended his doctoral thesis about “Methods for soot detection in diesel exhausts” (German original title “Methoden der Rußdetektion im Dieselabgas”) on July 22th, 2019.

Special thanks to Prof. Achim Dittler from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for his support as the second examiner!

The research work for his dissertation was granted by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and was conducted at the Department of Functional Materials, a member of the Bayreuth Engine Research Center (BERC).

Dr. Feulner already published parts of his thesis in peer-reviewed journals. Examples ot many are:

M. Feulner, F. Seufert, A. Müller, G. Hagen R. Moos, Influencing Parameters on the Microwave-Based Soot Load Determination of Diesel Particulate Filters, Topics in Catalysis, 60, 374-380 (2017), doi: 10.1007/s11244-016-0626-7

M. Feulner, G. Hagen, K. Hottner, S. Redel, A. Müller, R. Moos, Comparative Study of Different Methods for Soot Sensing and Filter Monitoring in Diesel Exhausts, Sensors, 17, 400 (2017), doi: 10.3390/s17020400

M. Feulner, G. Hagen, A. Müller, A. Schott, C. Zöllner, D. Brüggemann, R. Moos, Conductometric Sensor for Soot Mass Flow Detection in Exhausts of Internal Combustion Engines, Sensors, 15, 28796-28806(2015), doi: 10.3390/s151128796