Conductometric Soot Sensor for Automotive Exhausts


Grundlegende Arbeit zu einem konduktometrischen Rußsensor erschienen:


In order to reduce the tailpipe particulate matter emissions of Diesel engines,
Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are commonly used. Initial studies using a conductometric
soot sensor to monitor their filtering efficiency, i.e., to detect a malfunction of the DPF, are
presented. The sensors consist of a planar substrate equipped with electrodes on one side
and with a heater on the other. It is shown that at constant speed-load points, the time until
soot percolation occurs or the resistance itself are reproducible means that can be well
correlated with the filtering efficiency of a DPF. It is suggested to use such a sensor setup
for the detection of a DPF malfunction.
Keywords: on-board diagnosis (OBD); diesel particulate filter (DPF); emission legislation;
diesel particulate matter (PM)

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