Carsten Steiner: Publications

C. Steiner, G. Hagen, I. Kogut, H. Fritze, R. Moos:
Analysis of defect chemistry and microstructural effects of non-stoichiometric ceria by the high-temperature microwave cavity perturbation method.
In: Journal of the European Ceramic Society. Bd. 42, Heft 2, pp. 499-511, ISSN 0955-2219, DOI: (2022)
I. Kogut, A. Wollbrink, C. Steiner, H. Wulfmeier, F.-E. El Azzouzi, R. Moos, H. Fritze:
Linking the Electrical Conductivity and Non-Stoichiometry of Thin Film Ce1−xZrxO2−δ by a Resonant Nanobalance Approach.
In: Materials. Bd. 14, Nr. 748, ISSN 1996-1944, DOI: (2021)
C. Steiner, V. Malashchuk, G. Hagen, D.J. Kubinski, R. Moos:
Microwave-Based State Diagnosis for Three-Way Catalysts : A Promising Technology for Future Gasoline Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment.
Veranstaltung: The 18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors, IMCS2021, online conference, DOI:, May 30 - June 6 (2021)
C. Steiner, S. Walter, V. Malashchuk, G. Hagen, I. Kogut, H. Fritze, R. Moos:
Determination of the Dielectric Properties of Storage Materials for Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment Using the Microwave Cavity Perturbation Method.
In: Sensors. Bd. 20, Heft 21, No. 6024, ISSN 1424-8220, DOI: (2020)
V. Malashchuk, C. Steiner, G. Hagen, R. Moos:
Simulation model for the radio frequency based state diagnosis of three-way catalytic converters.
International Symposium on Modeling of Exhaust-Gas After-Treatment (MODEGAT VI), September 8-10, Bad Herrenalb/Karlsruhe (2019)
C. Steiner:
Gas- und Zustandssensoren für den Automobilbereich.
DGM Fortbildungsseminar Hochtemperatursensorik, 14.2.-15.2.2019, Goslar (2019)
C. Steiner, A. Gänzler, M. Zehentbauer, G. Hagen, S. Müller, J. Grunwaldt, R. Moos:
Oxidation State and Dielectric Properties of Ceria-Based Catalysts by Complementary Microwave Cavity Perturbation and X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Measurements.
In: Topics in Catalysis, vol. 62, Issue 1-4, pp. 227-236, doi: 10.1007/s11244-018-1110-3, Springer (2019)
C. Steiner, V. Malashchuk, D.J. Kubinski, G. Hagen, R. Moos:
Catalyst State Diagnosis of Three-Way Catalytic Converters Using Different Resonance Parameters—A Microwave Cavity Perturbation Study.
In: Sensors, vol. 19, issue 16, pp. 3559, doi: 10.3390/s19163559 (2019)
R. Moos, S. Walter, C. Steiner, G. Hagen:
Sensing catalytic converters and filters at work using radio frequencies.
In: Eurosensors XXXII, Graz (Austria), September 9 - 12 (2018)
C. Steiner, A. Gänzler, M. Zehentbauer, G. Hagen, M. Casapu, S. Müller, J. Grunwaldt, R. Moos:
Oxidation state and dielectric properties of ceria-based catalysts by complementary microwave cavity perturbation and X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements.
In: CAPOC11 - 11th International Congress on Catalysis and Automotive Pollution Control, Oct. 29 - 31, 2018 , Brussels (Belgium) (2018)
A. Bogner, M. Dietrich, G. Hagen, R. Moos, D. Rauch, C. Steiner, S. Walter:
Verfahren zur Detektion einer Gaskonzentration.
Patent, DE 102017006187 (2017)
A. Bogner, C. Steiner, S. Walter, J. Kita, G. Hagen, R. Moos:
Planar Microstrip Ring Resonator Structure for Gas Sensing and Humidity Sensing Purposes.
In: Proceedings. Bd. 1, Heft 4, S. 414,, ISSN 2504-3900 (2017)
M. Dietrich, C. Steiner, G. Hagen, R. Moos:
Radio-Frequency-Based Urea Dosing Control for Diesel Engines with Ammonia SCR Catalysts.
In: SAE International Journal of Engines: SAE World Congress 2017, vol. 10,, Detroit, Michigan (USA), April, in press (2017)